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Hi! I'm Bradley, a sophomore at Northwestern University's renowned Medill School of Journalism. I serve as a staff writer for Behind the Steel Curtain and a managing editor for Inside NU, both of which are blog affiliates of SB Nation, a part of Vox Media. I have won both local and national journalism awards for my writing in addition to my broadcasting. I've been lucky enough to interview several professional athletes and influencers with millions of followers; additionally, some of my posts have accrued over 10,000 views. I am thrilled to continue to develop my true passion and craft: sports journalism.

In my articles, I strive to explore the unknown, profile the least-covered and fundamentally espouse a new idea or concept through thorough research and accurate, passionate storytelling. Rather than writing simpler pieces, I find solace in digging deeply by utilizing empirical data and statistics, precise game film and historical context to put theories to the test, explain a player's performance or analyze a trend. At the end of a story, I hope my readers not only feel impressed by my refined, sophisticated and creative writing style, but also that they've learned something new and even complex about the sport, team or athlete they love.

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